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bau 25 bau NOW

bau25: bau NOW
2007 members: Vivian Altman, Gary Jacketti, Joanne Klein, Franc Palaia, Christopher Staples, Elizabeth Winchester
January 13 - February 4, 2007
opening reception:
January 13, 6-9pm
bau - beacon artist union
161 Main StreetBeacon, NY 12508
Opening Hours: Sat/Sun 12 - 6pm & by appt.
T 845 440 7584

bau 25: "bau NOW" celebrates the group's second anniversary. Inaugurated in January 2005, bau continues to serve as a focal point of Beacon's new vitality, creating space for an ever evolving group of artists to find their voices and engage with the surrounding community. This group exhibition includes painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation and photography by 2007 members Vivian Altman, Gary Jacketti, Joanne Klein, Franc Palaia, Christopher Staples and Elizabeth Winchester.

Vivian Altman’s abstract compositions contain flowing sensual forms with a range of colors that go from subtle to bold. With delicate layering and texture, Altman explores the rich expressive possibilities of different media. Her forms take on a life of their own and the results are both familiar and mysterious.
Gary Jacketti’s work is executed in many genres and mediums. While a large proportion of his imagery is figurative, he also explores organic, geometric and abstract forms in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and printmaking. In describing his methodology Jacketti reveals, "No pigeonhole exists in which to hide".
Joanne Klein's work has evolved over a twenty year period from early realistic renderings to surrealist landscapes and finally to the current abstractions. She works in oil on canvas and oil pastel on paper. Klein’s paintings are composites of geometric shapes filled with highly saturated color. Deconstruction, reduction and rebuilding is a primary means of developing her imagery. Realization of the essence is always the aim. The art historical movements of Russian constructivism, abstract expressionism and minimalism among others inform her work, as does a strong interest in contemporary architecture.
Franc Palaia's work encompasses several media including illuminated photo-sculpture, hand-colored Polaroids, large scale color digital photography, murals, and lamp design. He also curates, teaches, and makes photo-sculptural outdoor works that incorporate solar powered energy sources.
Christopher Staples is an artist who works in a wide range of media, including photography, collage, assemblage, painting and printing. A resident of Carmel, she serves on the gallery committee of the Putnam Arts Council and recently completed a three-year term on the grants review panel for local arts grants through the New York State Council on the Arts.
Elizabeth Winchester is a painter and printer whose work portrays a life of disorientation and geographic dissonance. Her paintings and prints may include fragments of maps, newspapers, collage or found objects resulting in the creation of a personal topography. There are occasional intimations of aerial landscapes or singing abstract, rhythmic movements. Following the lure of detail, layers begin to unfold, veils lift, revealing increasingly disparate details of an idiosyncratic world.
bau is an artists’ collective hosting exhibitions, collaborations & interdisciplinary events.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Closing Reception for bau 24

bau invites you to a closing reception for bau 24 this Sunday, 07 jan 07 at the gallery from 3 to 6. Light refreshments will be served. bau was mentioned in Paul Smart's end of the year review in the Dec 28 Almanac as being one of the only two serious galleries in Beacon, along with Van Brunt Gallery. Smart states,"bau, an ever energetic championing of truly serious artists seeking to expand their scopes"......" bau, one of two lasting Main St. sites"

Sunday, December 17, 2006



Slide Talks at bau on Saturday, 12/16/06


Franc Palaia: "Illuminated Polaroids"


Joseph Bertolozzi: "Bridge Music"

photos harald plochberger, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006


bau 24 opened

object by franc palaia - photo harald plochberger, 2006

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bau presents at The Muddy Cup Cafe


opening night

creation by karen kuslansky, photo harald plochberger, 2006

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Saturday, December 02, 2006



Large-scale photo light boxes of hand colored SX-70 Polaroids of European, Roman and American Architecture (2000-2006).

"Roman Temple w/Flame" - hand colored SX-70 Polaroid

December 9/06 - January 7/07


bau/beacon artist union

161 Main Street - Beacon, NY 12508 --- tel: 845 440 7584 ---

Sat/Sun 12 - 6pm & by appointment


Franc Palaia is an award winning photographer known for his highly manipulated and hand colored 3"x3" SX-70 Polaroids. In 1985 Franc received a Polaroid Sponsorship for his unique coloring technique. He uses refined oil crayons directly onto the Polaroid surface where the final photos look very much- like very small oil paintings, with luscious blended color and texture. Franc is also a painter and muralist and >>>


::::bau presents at The Muddy Cup::::THE BATTLE AGAINST EXTINCTION:::: brett farkas::::karen kuslansky::::jean tock::::objects in different media::::curated by harald plcohberger and christopher staples::::OPENING RECEPTION::::SECOND SATURDAY::::december 12::::6 - 9pm::::the show runs through to february 4, 2007::::The Muddy Cup Coffee House::::129 Main Street::::Beacon, NY::::open daily from 7am - 11pm::::more::::>>>>

_brett farkas, octobau

karen kuslansky, robosynthesis 06

jean tock, bit-o-honey


Slide talks by Franc Palaia & Joseph Bertolozzi

Saturday, December 16 / 6 - 9pm

Joseph Bertolozzi on the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie, 2006

Slide talk by artist/photographer
FRANC PALAIA at 6-7pm "Illuminated Polaroids"

Music and Slide presentation by musician/composer
Q & A 8pm

Saturday, December 16, 2006
6pm – 8pm
suggested donation - $5.

FRANC PALAIA is presenting a solo show at bau of new large scale photo light boxes which runs through Jan 7, 2007. He will discuss the history and technique of his award winning hand colored SX-70 Polaroids. Franc is also an accomplished painter and muralist, and in 1981 he began hand coloring and manipulating SX-70 Polaroids. In 1985, he received a Polaroid Sponsorship for his singular technique of using oil crayons directly onto the surface of the 3’x3’ Polaroid photographs. Franc transforms these small brilliantly colored images into 4’x4’ light boxes. His luscious, creamy oil crayon colorings on the small originals, when enlarged, resemble broad, dynamic brushstrokes, reminiscent of abstract expressionist’s paintings. The luminous light boxes accentuate the vibrant colors and transform the works into opulent objects, too provocative to ignore. His subject matter includes an infinite collection of classical and contemporary architecture from around the world. He has traveled to over two dozen countries on four continents, never without his trusty 34 year old Polaroid camera. This show includes images from, Greece, Rome, Croatia, Sicily, Sardinia and San Francisco.
BERTOLOZZI Talks Bridge Music.
Composer Joseph Bertolozzi takes you through the process of his latest work-in progress Bridge Music, a live event where he will compose for and perform upon the Mid-Hudson Bridge, a suspension bridge spanning the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, NY.
Composer Joseph Bertolozzi will discuss his new project Bridge Music at bau, 161 Main Street in Beacon, NY - Dec 16, at XXpm. Tickets/suggested donation is $5.
Bridge Music is a live event planned for 2009 where Bertolozzi, along with several other percussionists, will physically play a suspension bridge (the Mid Hudson Bridge spanning the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, NY) using the bridge itself as the instrument. He will discuss his process and techniques and play actual recorded sounds and music from the bridge itself.Bertolozzi is forging a unique identity as a 21st century musician with works ranging from full symphony orchestra to solo gongs. Groups such as the Grammy Award-winning Chestnut Brass Company and The West Point Band perform his music, and he himself has played such diverse venues as The Vatican and The US Tennis Open.
CDs of his music are available at the Poughkeepsie Barnes & Noble,,, and from his website
Image: Bridge Music - Towers - Composer Joseph Bertolozzi at West Approach
beacon artist union is an artist’s collective gallery on Main Street in Beacon that serves as a platform for exhibitions, collaborations and interdisciplinary events.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ELIA GURNA - einLab & the bau book...PARTY

photos by harald plochberger, 2006

ELIA GURNA & einLab @ bau - Sunday, November 19/06::::more images::::>>>

photo christopher staples, 2006

bau will launch its very first artist book project on Sunday, November 19 - at 6pm, along with the poetry of Elia Gurna and a performance of einLab.

In a collaboration of seven bau members, all visual artists, and Elia Gurna, an artist, poet and performer herself, Elia’s text “The Bear That Crosses the River” has been illustrated and incorporated into a book. Inspired by Elia’s poetry, each page of the book was designed uniquely and differently, reflecting the various styles and media of bau’s artist members. The lines of the poem that correspond to the images were typed by Elia on an old-fashioned typewriter on vellum paper.

A limited edition of ten books is available for $100 for each book.
Each copy of “The Bear That Crosses the River” contains of eight pages of original art work (7" x 12") and Elia’s complete poem.

You are cordially invited to join us this Sunday for the presentation of our collaborate project and an evening of art, poetry and music with Elia Gurna, einLab and the bau artists at bau’s gallery.

bau/beacon artist union
161 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
845 440 7584
Sat/Sun 12-6pm & by appt.
currently showing: bau23 – Gary Jacketti – Plan A: Maiden, Madonna, Muse

Elia Gurna & einLab at bau, January 2006 - photo harald plochberger

einLab are Elia Gurna and Ben Lam, an artist team based in Beacon and Queens, New York. Visual artists with backgrounds in literature and music, they have been creating sound pieces since 2002. Past collaborator, guitarist Mark Di Donna, joined the team's performing lineup in 2005. Collectively they share an interest in visual art and combining instrumentation and poetry.

Their audio pieces have been featured in such exhibitions as Flow: Navigating the Super Paradigm at Collaborative Concepts in Beacon, Cityscapes: Urban Poetry Mass at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where in addition, they were broadcast on CBC Radio, Queens International 2004 at the Queens Museum of Art in New York, Collaboration 1 at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia, and Windows On Main St. at the Howland Public Library in Beacon.

einLab has also contributed a media specific intervention to a series produced by Vienna's museum in progress which appeared in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard's New York Times supplement, and Art in General & e-flux's Arts & Leisure in New York. Most recently, they have adapted their sound pieces to a live medium, with window display performances at chashama's 44th Street gallery, appearances at the beacon artist union's “Take Another bau - On Sundays” event series, art, music + chaircuts at ez loft, and a radio performance on WKCR's Live Constructions.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

bau23 - Gary Jacketti - Opening Night

dean yoffredo and gary jacketti - photo harald plochberger