Wednesday, October 26, 2005

bau 10 images

here are some images bau 10: Light Work Lights, featuring the work of three Syracuse photographers that work with the Light Work Program. bau 10 will be on exhibit for the next two weekends, through Nov 6.

John Mannion

Hannah Freiser

Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin

Monday, October 03, 2005

bau 10: light work lights. curated by angelika rinnhofer

bau 10: light work lights

Opening reception: Saturday, October 8, 2005, 6-9pm

bau 10: light work lights is the tenth exhibit at
Beacon Artist Union. One of its founding members,
photographer Angelika Rinnhofer, curated the show with
works by three artists, Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin, Hannah
Frieser, and John Mannion. Each photographer is based
is Syracuse, NY, and all are affiliated with Light
. Light Work promotes emerging and established
photographers from the Unites States and around the
world by offering residencies and opportunities to
exhibit and publish photographic art work.
Hannah Frieser was hired one year ago as Light Work’s
Associate Director. She uses photography not only in
the traditional sense of a two-dimensional image, but
often brings in other materials to create
three-dimensional art objects and artist’s books. The
black and white photographs of her series Knickknack
take a closer, slightly upsetting look at small,
decorative ornaments that fill our lives.
Lisa Jong-Soon Goodlin is Chair of the Board of
Directors at Light Work. She started as a volunteer in
1997. Lisa’s concern with society’s wasteful use of
plastic products and paper napkins lead her to recyle
them as art objects. Her scanned napkins take on
abstract shapes, which seem to float on a stark black
John Wesley Mannion works as Digital Imaging Manager
at Light Work/Community Darkrooms. His haunting images
of abandoned rooms at Pennhurst State Mental Hospital
and School show the remainders of an institution that
closed after a major class action suit. Mannion’s
photographs convey the subtle texture and beauty of
decay, while simultaneously confronting us with
Pennhurst’s horrific past.