Sunday, January 22, 2006

bau13: NOISE - opening reception 1.14.2006

images opening reception

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006 @ 6pm
bau - beacon artist union
161 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
NY session keyboardist and Jazz synthesist Neil Alexander continues his series of informal local solo laptop computer performances called Logical Oscillator, as a featured performer at bau - beacon artist union in Beacon NY. Well known for his forays into experimental electronic jazz, and no stranger to innovation and experimentation, Alexander will perform a set of entirely new, highly improvisational music, taking full advantage of the computer’s versatility to do on the spot arrangements and instantaneous sound design. No two performances are ever the same. According to Alexander, this new music is meant to be experienced on more of a subliminal level, rather than “listened” to in the strict sense of the word.
Neil : Born in Queens in 1960, Neil was performing in bands by age 13; composing and arranging for big band at 14; and in the recording studio by 16. He has composed for and performed with multimedia theatrical productions (in which he also served as musical director); accompanied and composed for Modern dance since 1982, and penned more than 50 compositions for small ensemble. Critics describe Veteran NY keyboard phenomenon Alexander as “juiced”, “masterful”. From his powerhouse electric post-bop quartet NAIL, independent film scores and highly juiced electronic solo work to his multikeyboard work for Funkadelic founder Tal Ross and the now famous Pink Floyd tribute "The Machine," Neil treats every project he's involved in with the same full out attitude, whether it's performing Stravinsky or Jeff Beck, playing synthesizers or harpsichord, and from blues to Bebop. He has done sessions as both player and programmer, has composed for and/or been musical director for a variety of modern Dance and Avant Garde theater companies. He has received grants from meet the composer while composing for dance; performed works by Stravinsky, Ives, Cage (among others); managed his own ensembles both electric and acoustic; taught music clinics at both high school and college level in sequencing, sampling, and MIDI; produced concerts in both small venues and large outdoor settings; and done sound design and music concrete (including assembling sound effect libraries and live tape manipulation). In addition, he has composed more than 50 works for small ensembles of various instrumentation.

images of Neil Alexander's presentation at bau

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

bau 13: NOISE

images from the Opening Reception 1.14.06

January 14 - February 5, 2006

Opening Reception

Vivian Altman : Gary Jacketti : Harald Plochberger : Egon Zippel

Second Saturday, 1.14.06 / 6 - 9pm

special event: Nelson's Electric Chaircut

with sound reception by John Blue

During the month of January the gallery space of bau - beacon artist union will become a laboratory exploring the phenomenon of NOISE and its meanings by the artistic approaches of four artists, all members of bau.

For the Opening Reception of NOISE special guest Nelson Loskamp will give a demonstration of his “Electric Chaircuts”.

Vivian Altman
Vivian Altman builds up the surface of her mixed medium paintings with dense textures, lines and patterns, creating a busy noisy sensation.
Although Altman's paintings are not sound specific, there are a lot of opportunities for the viewers' imagination. For example, these compositions might be mimicking whirling whistles, a pulsing engine, or possibly the clattering of sticks banging on a wire fence. An uncountable number of sounds seem to bellow from these engaging compositions.

Vivian Altman: “Noise 1”, mixed media on paper (acrylic, charcoal, litho pencil and pastel), 18” x 24”, 2005.

Gary Jacketti
The paradox of visual art portrayed as noise will be presented and explored. These new works in collage and assemblage will attempt to create a new paradigm. Silent Noise?

Harald Plochberger
A Bear Hunt in Beacon, NY, Intelligent Design, Suburban Development, Bright Lights of Shopping Malls - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - it all comes together in “Shots in the Dark” a performance/installation requiring audacious audience participation. The result has to be ART.

Harald Plochberger: “24 Hours - Newburgh Shopping Center - 12/27/05”, digital photo, 2005.

Egon Zippel
sorry, i don't have time to participate - was the answer i had first in my mind.

but then again: i produce in my daily life such a large amount of visual fragments and
left-overs. these fragments are, when taken out of context, interesting and fascinating esthetic expressions. what i like about them so much is that they are not planned, not foreseeable, yet they fulfill a 'real' purpose.
when put together, they create a whole new visual/esthetic 'thing'. it tells
a lot about my/our daily life; bits, pieces and fragments. that's what our life
is... or did YOU recently have the feeling of living a 'whole' life? i bet not...

my other contribution: texts on labels and ads... when you read them, those well-crafted
fragments of literature, they seem to be acceptable, part of our language. but hearing
them, read by the people like you and me [the target group of those ads]... that's where
the fun [or pain] starts...

Egon Zippel: “life/live june 05”, mixed media, arrangement variable, 15” x 11”, before or on june 25, 2005.

Special Event:

Nelson’s Electric Chaircut
with sound reception by John Blue

Nelson Loskamp

will be bau’s special guest artist for the Opening Reception of bau13: NOISE.

In collaboration with John Blue, Nelson will offer some unique haircuts to adventurous volunteers thus providing an interactive event based on the multi layered experience of amplified sounds created by his tools at work.

Picture of Nelson Loskamp ©2005 Jason Graham,

…“Nelson also questions our desire to seek authenticity in external presentation, but in a manner entirely different from his paintings. In his "Electric Chair Cuts," he satirizes the notion that we are all only a haircut away from possessing a sense of authenticity that distances us from the crowd. He straps a willing accomplice into a chair, and with a pair of amplified scissors attached by wires to a power-pack on his back, attacks the unruly mane of hair. By theatricalizing the "performance" of a haircut, Nelson suggests that the codes of individuality as filtered through fashion, are just that -- theater. In Nelson's knowing hands, the boundary between the external and the internal shed their dichotomous nature, becoming a single route to a reinvestigation of the self.”

Nelson Loskamp:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8, 2006, 6pm
@bau – beacon artist union
161 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

einLab are Elia Gurna and Ben Lam, an artist team based in Beacon and Queens, New York. Visual artists with backgrounds in literature and music they have been collaborating since 2002.
Recent addition to the artist team, Mark Di Donna, guitarist, shares a mutual interest in visual art and combining music and poetry. He has been a regular contributor to various projects.
einLab's audio pieces have been featured as part of Flow at Collaborative Concepts in Beacon, Cityscapes: Urban Poetry Mass at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Queens International 2004 at the Queens Museum of Art in New York, Collaboration 1 at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia, and various other exhibitions.
einLab has also contributed a media specific intervention to a series produced by Vienna’s museum in progress which appeared in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard's New York Times supplement, and Art in General & e-flux's Arts & Leisure in New York. Most recently, they have adapted their sound pieces to a live medium, with window display performances at chashama’s 44th Street gallery and an upcoming appearance at the beacon artist union’s “Take Another bau – On Sundays” event series. einLab hopes to introduce their aural landscapes to a wider audience and continue blurring the line between installation art and live music.
For sound samples of einLab please visit:

more photos