Tuesday, November 29, 2005

12.17.05 - 7pm - ?

Works by bau members Gary O'Connor, Gary Jacketti and Harald Plochberger are on display as part of the BULLDOG STUDIO ARTISTS SHOW part 2.

J/A//Z///Z NIGHT is arranged and presented by bau - beacon artist union





BULLDOG STUDIOS is located on
211 Fishkill Ave/corner Verplanck Ave
Beacon, NY 12508

Tickets are available in advance for the price of $12 each at

bau - beacon artist union
161 Main Street, Beacon, NY - Sat/Sun 12-6

Hudson Beach Glass
162, Main Street, Beacon, NY - daily 12-6

Finders Keepers Antiques
171 Main Street, Beacon, NY - Wed-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-6, Fr 11-8

World's End Books
474 Main Street, Beacon, NY - Wed-Mon 12-6, closed Tue

Tickets at the door are $15. Doors are open at 6pm.


Take Another b a u - On Sundays: performances at the gallery

Sunday, 12. 11. 05 - 6pm

b a u is introducing a series of Sunday performances to be held at its gallery at 161 Main St, Beacon, NY.These events will take place at 6pm on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of each month to bracket and extend the interest that the 2nd Saturday openings have begun to draw to the area. Diverse and experimental, focusing on local artists, performances such as electronica, poetry reading, drama, spoken word, video and jazz will be showcased. Occasional talks by exhibiting artists, as well as panel discussions of topical interest to artists will also be included in the program. The gallery is a small, intimate space and can accommodate an audience size of 20-30. During clement summer weather the backyard may be used to extend that to about 40 people.


Marvin BuGaLu Smith - photo Thomas Moore 2005

On Sunday Dec 11 at 6pm, b a u will feature legendary jazz master Marvin BuGaLu Smith, percussion, drums, and spoken words. Accompanying him will be Andrew Greeney and Kesai Riddick, on drums and percussion. Smith‘s playing has been heard on stages around the world for more than forty years. Growing up in Englewood, NJ, Smith started early. At eight years old, he was already working with his older brother, Buster Smith, a prominent drummer who performed with Eric Dolphy. At sixteen, he worked for the Town Sound Recording Company and recorded with such stars of the music world as James Brown, Lola Falana, and Sam and Dave among others.In 1969, Smith joined singer Rocky Roberts' band and moved to Italy. During nearly 25 years, he also performed with many of the top names in Jazz including Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Mal Waldron, Charles Mingus, Archie Shepp and Sun Ra. Shepp asked Smith to join his band in 1982. Over the next five years he further evolved what he calls "The Timing Of The Drum", a philosophy based upon the idea that rhythm in music follows the Universal Rhythms of Life. One night in 1987, in NYC he was asked to sit in for a set with the Sun Ra band. Afterwards, Ra immediately offered Smith a gig that continued for 5 years. In 1992, Marvin released Be Impartial to Yourself, recorded live at “Visiones” in New York City with Cecil McBee and Kirk Lightsey. This recording showcases the power and creative energy Marvin brings to every group he plays with. Currently, Marvin continues to stay busy as a leader, sideman and instructor in New York.

Listening to Marvin BuGaLu Smith means being connected to the healing power of his sounds, rhythms, melodies - experiencing vitality, joy, love, ...life.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2005, 6pm
Marvin BuGaLu Smith

bau, 161 Main Street, Beacon, NY.

The series will continue on Jan 8, 2006 with einLab, an electronica group led by Elia Gurna.

Other performances to be announced.

b a u is an artist run exhibition space located in Beacon NY. b a u exists as an extension of the artist's studio; establishing a venue where a spirited, experimental approach to producing artwork is joined in an engagement with an audience. b a u is not really a union. b a u is an interaction; a series of intersections where individual efforts meet in alignment to push forward an agenda that feeds the participants creatively. b a u works to promote artists, and the art community in the Beacon area. In addition to the exhibition program, b a u hosts and supports various art related events.The calendar for b a u performances will be posted at www.beaconartistunion.com .
b a u - beacon artist union 161 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm and by appointment

12.10.05 opening reception bau12: transition
Second Saturday from 6-9pm
art works from bau project members ’05 and bau project ’06
December 10, 2005 – January 8, 2006
bau - beacon artist union
161 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
Sat/Sun 12-6pm & by appt.
In the fall of 2004, six artists at work in Beacon founded the art collective bau, opening a storefront gallery on Beacon’s Main Street in the center of the developing West End.

baubeacon artist union, became an instant success. By utilizing the exhibition space and the backyard of the premises as a platform for experimental and conceptual projects bau immediately became an energizing inspiration for the group, as well as being highly acclaimed by the public and the press. Abby Luby’s review in PULSE magazine of the exhibition bau 9: blind offline defines bau’s artistic direction in one sentence:

“Artists Albert and Jacketti are members of the Beacon Artist Union, a group of artists that has continually produced conceptual “think” shows that are on the edge.”

Within a short period of time bau hosted many artists working in different media and disciplines. In spanning the presentation of the digital arts, art talks, documentary film and video screenings, performance and performing arts, to frequently held live music events during the past summer, bau became a vital kaleidoscope for Beacon’s creative life.
By the end of 2005 bau will now undergo personnel changes, making a “transition” from six founding members to eight.

Four of the original members, Kathy Feighery, Angelika Rinnhofer, Chris Albert and Peter Iannarelli will leave to pursue their individual careers, while Gary Jacketti and Harald Plochberger, the sustaining members, will remain with the newly expanded group. These artists are to be commended for providing the outstanding contribution of their works over the past year. It is only because of their founding vision and artistic impact that bau was established in such a short period of time.

bau 12: transition will highlight the works of the new members and place them within the context of the departing member’s work.

English-American artist and Cold Spring resident Tony Moore will present woodfired ceramic sculpture that references our current socio-political condition. A wall, a whip and shoe polish are the media for Beacon resident Gary O’Connor’s wall-drawing. Still-life collages and drawings by Beacon resident Vivian Altman will reveal her investigative process. Poughkeepsie resident Elizabeth Winchester, who came from San Francisco to work in the Hudson Valley, will contribute painting and monotype prints that utilize topographic maps. Carmel resident Christopher Staples will present large format figurative photo based images, while the Romanian born, German artist and Manhattan resident Egon Zippel will provide DVD video clips from his light installations and Polaroid drawings.

Sustaining bau project 2005/06 member and Beacon resident Gary Jacketti and Viennese artist, Ossining resident Harald Plochberger will respectively present a ceramic mosaic, rubber tire sculpture installation and conceptually based geometric painting and drawing.

bau 12: transition is curated by Gary Jacketti and Tony Moore.

bau project members 2006

Vivian Altman

Vivian Altman utilizes abstracted life forms in her delicately layered and textured two dimensional compositions. Her imagery, though seemingly familiar, seeks to create a mysterious reality.

Gary Jacketti
Gary Jacketti’s work is executed in many genres and mediums. While a large proportion of his imagery is figurative, he also explores organic, geometric and abstract forms in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and printmaking. In describing his methodology Jacketti reveals, “No pigeonhole exists in which to hide”.

Tony Moore
Tony Moore’s recent woodfired ceramic sculptures reference socio-political events and the human condition, namely issues of Church and State and the war in Iraq. His archetypal imagery depicts archaic helmets, fortresses or memorial stones, often coupled with impressed hand or foot-prints, suggesting the universal presence of humanity. He is a painter and sculptor, whose works are represented in international museum collections,
including the Guggenheim Museum and Brooklyn Museum, USA.

Gary O’Connor
Gary O’Connor says of his installations that any thoughts he might have about the works are provisional at best. Recently he prefers to work in a way that demystifies the notion of “talent”, drawing instead upon the more basic skills of preparation, steadiness and attention. He is interested in where his attention is placed, such as in the privilege of artistic production as opposed to the mundane activity of polishing boots. His practice is engaged with such fundamental questions as, “What is created when I am consciously engaged with my surroundings? What is the experience I have when no one activity, or its product, is more privileged over another?” O’Connor answers, “The first thing I notice is that I’m happy.”

Harald Plochberger
Harald Plochberger is an interdisciplinary artist and painter, concerned with the exploration of the structure of mathematics and language that is visually articulated within a geometrically abstract vocabulary. Reality, as it is perceived in our daily routines, on TV and in the media, also provides an analytical context for his sociologically derived projects.

Christopher Staples
Christopher Staples blurs the line between photography and painting. In recent photographic works printed on canvas, titled “ShadowPlay, Faith”, the found, digitally un-manipulated and therefore uncontrived figurative imagery captures a moment in time. Similar to the artist’s other photographic works, the perception of the moment, implies meaning.

Elizabeth Winchester
Elizabeth Winchester’s paintings portray a chronicle of geographic dissonance; a journey that has been without route or roadmap, without guide or glossary. The paintings include extensive use of maps, newspaper, collage or found objects resulting in a personal topography. There are occasional intimations of aerial landscapes when viewed from a distance, suggesting abstract, rhythmic movement. Upon closer viewing, layers unfold, revealing more disparate details of this idiosyncratic world. www.elizabethwinchester.org

Egon Zippel

Egon Zippel’s multi-media works, whether photographic, video, sculpture, painting or drawing, revolve around recycling; the recycling of communication: letters, words, symbols and signs that are deconstructed and often randomly reassembled in to new entities. At first look, perhaps these “entities” are incomprehensible, just as our daily lives often don’t make sense until we look again, perceiving meaning within a broader context. www.egonzippel.com

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

bau hosting potluck holiday party & ornament drive, 12.16.05

Call to artists (though not exclusively artists) for ornaments at bau.

Jennifer Mackiewicz and Angelika Rinnhofer invite you to a pot luck and tree decorating party at Beacon Artist Union.

Please help us decorate a Christmas tree for the children’s ward at Vassar Hospital. Create a Christmas ornament, bring it together with a dish or some "Christmas Cheer".
Friday, December 16, 2005 at
161 Main Street in Beacon. The party goes from 7-9.
Make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas. Donate a toy or an ornament. Or both.
Please RSVP by December 10 to arinnhofer@yahoo.com or jmackiewicz@diaart.org

Thanks to Adam's Fair Acre Farms for their generous donation of a Christmas tree.

We look forward to seeing you at bau!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

11.12.05 events

bau members, gary jacketti, and gary O'Connor will be opening the doors of their studios along with the other resident artists of Bulldog Studios.

The studios will be open from 12 - 7 pm. Bulldog Studios is located in the old Beacon High School building at 211 Fishkill Ave.

After visiting the studios, remember to head back to bau for the opening reception of bau 11: Hudson Paths featuring work by Kathy Feighery, and Matt Kinney

bau in transition

In September, bau made a call to artists to make submissions for membership. After an extensive interviewing process, bau is pleased to welcome six new members to the group. bau will also be bidding fairwell to four of the founding members. Chris Albert, Kathy Feighery, Peter Iannarelli, and Angelika Rinnhofer will be retiring from the group at the end of 2005

The newest members of bau are:

Vivian Altman
Tony Moore
Gary O'Connor
Christopher Staples
Elizabeth Winchester
Egon Zippel

The new members of bau will join founding partners Harald Plochberger and Gary Jacketti in taking bau into it's second year.

The end of 2005 represents a sort of convergenge, as incoming, outgoing, and continuing members bring the current roster to 12 for the final two months of the year. To mark this event, bau will host a group exhibit of all 12 members.

bau 12: transition will serve to mark the end of one phase, and the beginning of another by commemorating the moment their intersection. Information on the exhibit will be released in the coming weeks.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

bau 11: hudson paths, opens 11.12.05

bau 11: Highland Paths will comprise of two artists, Kathy Feighery, a founding member of bau and Matthew S. Kinney. Both Kinney and Feighery, through their work, seek to convey a unique interpretation of the Hudson Valley landscape that surrounds them. Kinney’s work derives from the ruminations and discoveries he makes out in nature. Animal tracks and vegetation find their way into his intricate, thoughtful sculptural pieces as well as his paintings and drawings. Kinney purposefully records the ephemeral in his work, asking the viewer to take another look at something nature has wrought that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Feighery’s paintings and drawings are distillations of the dramatic landscape she has witnessed in the Hudson Valley. Her unpopulated work seeks to describe the berth of sky and vastness that can still be found in a very populated region.

Kathy Feighery

Matt Kinney